Airbnb vs hotel
Why i will never stay in a hotel when on vacation. It all started with my first airbnb experience there is nothing better than Why stay in a tiny, soulless hotel room when you can live in an entire house or apartment? That remains the enduring appeal of Airbnb, the chance to live for a few nights as a local, to know what it feels like to step out from your apartment in Italy, or your villa Greece, to stroll around your little neighbourhood, nip to the local shops, eat in the local restaurants, and then return to the comfort of home how relaxing and satisfying. You almost feel like you belong. So I want to share why I use Airbnb whenever I go away.
There are things about hotels that you might miss, like the ease of the check-in process at a hotel, the reliability of a hotel, and the simplicity with which problems can be resolved.
However Anyone who’s paid $15 to get a pair of socks and a shirt washed would understand the frustration with the hotel industry. Anyone who’s been slapped with a crazy charge for the privilege of eating in their room, or who’s had to pay someone to wheel their luggage down a corridor, or those outrages mini-bar prices, or who’s simply paid exorbitantly for a tiny, room will get it. 
When staying in a airbnb its home from home but way better! most airbnb’s leave complementary drinks and snacks tea, maybe even a coffee machine, meaning you can have your morning coffee in peace sitting out on your balcony in Paris with a croissant watching the hustle a bustle unfold. what more could you want? “Imagine what it would be like to live here” well you don’t have to! you can. Airbnb really gives you a real sense on belonging has to be the winner hands down.
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